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JC-K-220-2 Portable Tilting Melting Furnace

Source:JC-K-220-2 Portable Tilting Melting Furnace | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

JC-K-220-2 Portable Tilting Melting Furnace 

JC-K-220-2 Portable Tilting Melting Furnace is an automatic furnace designed to pour out the molten metal without removing the crucible. JC-K-220-2 Portable Tilting Melting Furnace has a handle for holding along with an additional holder on the back side for easy pouring, so there is not necessary to remove crucible like other models.  

Included with this portable tilting melting furnace is one 1kg graphite crucible,one graphite stirring rod, one heat insulating glasses and gloves,one manual operating instructions and several ceramic spare parts.

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