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Electric Melting Furnace

JC Crucible Furnace

JC Crucible Furnace

Crucible Furnace JC Crucible Furnaces are well suited for melting and heating applications. The crucible can be taken out easily from the furnace, which is convenient for changing the crucibles . Temperatures range of Crucible Furnace from 0ºC to 1 2 00ºC with 1150 ºC working temp and 1200 ºC...

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Crucible Furnace

JC Crucible Furnaces are well suited for melting and heating applications. The crucible can be taken out easily from the furnace, which is convenient for changing the crucibles. Temperatures range of Crucible Furnace from 0ºC to 1200ºC with 1150ºC working temp and 1200ºC max temp. Each crucible furnace has additional options which can be provided for more requirement. And custom is available according to your requirement.

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