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Analysis Of The Favorable Factors For The Development Of The Stainless Steel Industry In China

Zibo JC Eco-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2015

(1) industrial policy conducive to the development of the stainless steel industry: iron and steel industry in order to improve the overall level of national industrial policy to promote structural adjustment and encourage steel enterprises to the group, professional development, encouraging the use of scrap as raw material of shortened process, encouraging domestic demand for special steel enterprise development of special steel. Biggest advantage of 100% stainless steel recycling, in line with the national strategy for environmental protection, energy saving, resource saving.
(2) China stainless steel market potential and development space huge in stainless steel market fast development of in recent years, China general rural on stainless steel of consumption always keep very low of level, China rural market potential huge; with China stainless steel quality of upgrade, China city, relative rich class and area on stainless steel related products of consumption need replacement and upgrade, pull has stainless steel high-end products of needs; with domestic industrial of accelerated development, need quality more high, and varieties more full of stainless steel and resistance corrosion alloy, Increased amounts of nickel, duplex stainless steel production in recent years, on the other hand reflects the higher demand in China's industrialization process of high-alloy materials. Therefore, China stainless steel industry has huge development space.
(3) high stainless steel long products industry concentration will help maintain competition order: development of stainless steel in China has started relatively late, has formed "Nan Bao bei too" development pattern stainless steel industry concentration is relatively high, top 4 stainless steel long products industry concentration is more than 50%, which is conducive to maintaining the order of competition, and avoid vicious competition.
(4) the technical level: stainless steel industry development in our country is short, but fast technical progress, China's stainless steel industry has already reached the international advanced level, but in some areas of high-end products were still there is a gap with foreign advanced companies.

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