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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Green

Zibo JC Eco-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2015

To produce excellent quality ceramic fiber blanket products need high quality Coke gem materials, new green environmental protection and saving energy has become refractory development purposes. Below we will give you a brief introduction of ceramic fiber blanket of green.
1, fire-proof material will emerge in the development of new features. Emphasis in the later development of increase or strengthen the new connotation of ceramic fiber paper in energy efficiency that pointed to energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon;
2, for ceramic fiber blanket for this industry, from raw material purchasing to production and construction, as well as the scientific, systematic consideration of all aspects, from an overall perspective, strengthen cooperation with research institutions, universities and other research, efforts to realize new breakthrough in green technology of refractory material;
3, Green's concept and the reality of current domestic products are at a distance. Relevant government departments and industry leaders should develop appropriate policies and measures, to guide and encourage refractory ceramic fiber blanket of green.
The direction of the development of fire-resistant insulation materials is based on independent innovation as the fundamental starting point, continuous ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber blankets product upgrades, high scientific and technological content, green for green refractories implementation, we have a long way to go.

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