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National Refractory Raw Materials Import And Export Situation Analysis

Zibo JC Eco-Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2015

1. Refractory raw materials export prices increase
Refractory raw materials export trade volume rose 62. 11%, 56 higher than export growth. 63%, the average price rose 53. 69%. ① refractory raw materials export trade volume rose 69. 83%, 80 higher than the increase in exports. 29%, the average price rose 89. 66%. Export of raw materials with the exception of "three stones" export average prices decreased by 2. 83%, other varieties have increased significantly. Among them, the main refractory raw materials, which can export, such as fire-resistant aluminium adhesive rose 204. 34%, sintered magnesia up 72. 85%, fused magnesia rose 53. 61%, magnesium light burning rose 65. Natural Flake graphite 23%, an increase of 22. 78%. Second, the steady growth in export prices of refractory products, export volume grew by 57.41%, higher than the growth in exports of 18. 46%, the average price rose 13. 28%. Among them, the basic refractory products export average price rose 17. 35%, aluminium-silicon refractory products export average price rose 6. 56%, other refractory products for export average price rose 14. 84%.
2. Refractory products imports overall decline
In 2008, imports of refractory products 4. 280,000 tons, compared with 35. 9%. Among them, the basic refractory products imports of 1. 620,000 tons, up by 44. 8%, aluminium silicon refractory products imports of 1. 720,000 tons, compared with 22. 74%, other refractory products imports by 0. 940,000 tons, compared with 36. 13%. Affected by the international economic situation, in particular the impact of the world iron and steel industry business conditions change, beginning in November 2008. Refractory marked decline in export volume, export enterprise business is seriously affected and impact on it. The refractories company, particularly key export enterprises to closely follow the market changes, timely adjustment of the enterprise's business and export strategy, with special attention to possible international trade protectionism because of the financial crisis, serious and prudent to prepare for the 2009 export trade.

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